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Hi, I'm Ilse (il-say).
welcome to my digital home

I'm a writer, lifestyle blogger, and mother sharing my journey of cultivating inner peace and finding moments of beauty and joy in the day-to-day.

We all have pivotal life moments. For me, one of those was becoming a mother. Having littles helped me see life through a different lens; one rooted in letting go of perfection and embracing the perfectly imperfect moments that make life whole. Here, I explore intentional living and how it flows into style, motherhood, living, (and thriving) in today's fast-paced culture. 

girl mom, writer, creative, latina, recovering perfectionist 

topics you'll discover:


Enjoy the journey of prioritizing skin, beauty, and wellness routines to help you look and feel your best.


Discussions on living a life of awareness, efficiency, and productivity without sacrificing your well-being


Guides and conversations on maximizing your wardrobe and simplifying getting dressed (for yourself)

Ready to connect with your truest self?

Who is the modern, intentional woman?

Resilient and driven. Vulnerable and caring. The modern, intentional woman lives in harmony with her duality.

She believes in taking inventory of what brings her joy and peace so that she may create space for what matters most to her.

Her version of a beautiful life is cultivated from mindful practices, rejecting hustle culture, and embracing the simple beauty around her.

you're in the right place

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, 


- sophia bush

Intentional LIVING?

What exactly is

Discover what it means to live a more mindful, present life and how you can apply it to your every day with achievable mindset shifts and daily rituals. 

the art of


When you believe getting ready is more about a feeling than how you look, you open the door for true expression.

life well-lived

GET YOUR mind, body & Home RIGHT

A library of how-to's, digestible tips, and inspiration to empower you in today's busy world. No hustle mentality required. 

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Hang out with me (Ilse!) over on my reels page where I share quick tip, how-to, and inspiration videos on self-care, skincare, beauty, effortless style and so much more. Yes, I even dance a bit but what's life without some fun?

NO. 1 - powerful affirmations for self-doubt


No. 2 - narratives that hold us back


No. 3 - looking for mom friends be like..

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Explore the collection of life and style topics meant to inspire, elevate, and enrich daily life.

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a small reminder that helps me through tough mom days

The perspective that changed everything for me as a mother.

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3 Incredibly simple ways to show up for yourself

It’s never selfish to look after yourself and these tips are a great starting point if your days often leave you depleted.

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Wearable 2022 fall style trends 

Feel current with trends without leaving the foundation of timeless wardrobe pieces.

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How to Prioritize Your Daily Life

Download The Daily Intentions Planner and Week-Start Checklist to begin each day with intention and purpose + create joyful rituals to protect yourself from burnout. 

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Whether it's books I'm currently reading, tools that streamline my life, or kid products we can't-live-without, it's all for you in my favorites section. 



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I'm Ilse Inzunza. A writer and mom sharing my journey of cultivating inner peace & finding moments of beauty and joy in the day-to-day. 

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just for you

How to Prioritize Your Daily Life

Download our free Day Planner & Week-Start Checklist to begin each day with intention, purpose and joyful rituals.