Don’t Know Where to Start on your Wellness Journey? Read This.

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Girl mom and writer sharing my journey of cultivating inner peace & finding moments of joy in the day-to-day. Passionate about empowering women to see and believe in their greatness.

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Hi, I'm Ilse

Before you start reading my tips, I want to say WOO-HOO for choosing your well-being today. Just the mere act of clicking on this post should signal that a shift is happening inside you and you are ready (or almost ready) to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional self.

There comes a point in many of us that a curiosity about wellness is sparked. This typically happens when you’re ready to make a change toward a happy and healthier life; one you are proud to wake up to every day and are ready to put in the work for.

My wellness journey had been a long time coming but it wasn’t until mid 2022 that the ball started rolling and, around January 2023, the pieces of the puzzle started to come together.

Today I want to share a tangible start to a wellness journey. It’s an overwhelming process – and rightly so – but I’m here to tell you that it’s very possible and so very worth it.

Get really clear on your “Why”

Before you embark on a new workout routine, overhaul your groceries, or purchase all the “self-help” books available, get honest with yourself about the reason(s) behind this new wellness lifestyle you want to adopt. I find picking up a pen and paper and just writing with no real structure gets the most honest and raw answers.

Knowing your “why” can help:

  • bring more fulfillment
  • give you more confidence
  • keep you focused

Be flexible

One of the most challenging things to do is go from zero to 100; it’s simply a recipe for quick burnout and frustration when the goal is for your new wellness lifestyle to be sustainable. One of the most important things you can do is give yourself grace and time to adjust and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

This is when you research types of exercises, foods, supplements, etc. to better understand what wellness means to you and how you want to approach it. The beginning is for trial-and-error and it should feel fun, not overwhelming. Pay attention to what feels good to you and align with professionals and content creators that mesh with your way of thinking and approach to wellness.

Re-evaluate your sleep patterns

Sleep is truly the foundation of wellness, in my opinion. It will help you in so many areas of life and it’s important to monitor how much sleep you’re truly getting.

Easier said than done right? Night shift workers, new parents, insomnia, etc. all factors that will make it challenging to get the “necessary” hours of sleep recommended (seven to nine hours).

If this is the case, really hone in on what you can control and develop a simple yet effective nighttime routine that will put you in the most restful state you can be so that you can make the most of the sleep you do get. I chat more about nighttime routines in this post; some tips helped me feel slightly more rested during my youngest daughter’s newborn stage.

Forget rigid “goals”

I know most people recommend having set goals that motivate you to work hard but I’m of a different mindset.

When you’re first starting, it doesn’t matter what goal you have, it just matters that you start. The goals will come as you discover what health and wellness look like for you. And because wellness is a lifelong journey, you’ll quickly realize that your goals will change with the phases of your life. So don’t get caught up in rigid goals to start. Let them come to you as you get started and comfortable in this new journey.

Follow the healthy plate rule

There are always questions around food when starting a wellness journey and I think the most simple approach to nutrition is following the healthy plate rule. It states that your plate should be half non-starchy colorful vegetables, 1/4 whole grains or starchy vegetables, 1/4 protein, and a small amount of a healthy fat. Make sure you focus on whole foods that nourish your body and try to skip processed foods when possible.

Personally, I’m of the mindset of “everything in moderation” so if you’re still doing take-out once or twice a week because you’re running late from work and you have to feed the kids, don’t sweat it. Be gentle with yourself and use it as learning experiences to perhaps meal prep in advance or find healthier take-out spots you can have as your go-to’s when you’re in a rush.

No coffee before food

Coffee on an empty stomach is said to spike your cortisol, which is our body’s primary stress hormone. While some might have no adverse reactions to this, for others, specifically women, it can cause unnecessary hormone disruption first thing in the morning. Reach for water instead and have your morning cup of joe with food to help you start your day on a more gentler note.

Did any of these tips resonate with you? I’d love to know your tips for starting a wellness journey as well as your definition of wellness.

Until my next post

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I'm Ilse Inzunza. A writer and mom sharing my journey of cultivating inner peace & finding moments of beauty and joy in the day-to-day. 

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